What You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Infections In Singapore

In a shocking incident on Monday (Jan 28), the Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that confidential data of over 14,000 Singapore patients diagnosed with HIV human immunodeficiency virus) was leaked online, which included sensitive details like names, IC numbers, addresses and medical information. 


We hope the information (which has since been taken down) remains under wraps as HIV is a serious matter, although for many it seems like a taboo topic. Essentially, a person is more susceptible to contracting HIV if they have a sexually transmitted disease or STD. 

You may be thinking: I only have one sexual partner, so there’s no way I’ll contract an STD.

Unfortunately, as long as you’re sexually active, you’re at risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Read on to find out why and how often you should get tested.


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