Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Get Healthier

Former luxury PR firm owner and fitness enthusiast Marie Choo shares her tips on how changing your eating habits can transform your life.

I have often been asked how is it possible that I look better and younger now in my 40s than when I was in my 30s. Many were baffled when they found out my real age, and the million dollar question I usually get is how I managed to get my defined abs.

There’s truth in the saying “you are what you eat” and beauty is literally more than skin deep. Eating isn’t just about satisfying your hunger but is also something that can make you more beautiful, from the inside out. I am not joking when I say abs are made in the kitchen and not just at the gym. Many trainers will attest to that, because a good diet is what helps you achieve the six-pack, in addition to working out regularly.

I don’t believe in extreme diets, and I indulge in moderation. I believe that sustainability is the key to longevity of any habit. Here are 5 simple habits that I adhere to as part of my lifestyle.