Stress-Free People Do These 10 Things Every Day

Few things can slow down your productivity like stress. It affects everything from our physical well-being and emotional state of mind to our relationships with the people we work with and beyond. Worse of all, stress can lead to burnout and a host of health problems in the long run. While relieving the burdens of stress is often easier said than done, there are steps you can take that will have you feeling zen in no time.

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Motivational speaker David Lim says that people who are feeling stressed out should conduct a wake-up test as soon as they get up. The question to ask: What’s your immediate reaction to your goals set out for the morning? “If you consistently have a sense of dread, restlessness and anxiety towards them in the morning, there’s a problem.” He adds that there are immediate solutions people can take to manage stress but people often need to get to the root of the problem to find a long-term solution.

One piece of advice David did have to share was that people under a lot of pressure should take a step back to assess the situation before reacting to anything. “A simple way to avoid stress is to not react to it. Don’t make any life altering decisions within 90 seconds of a stressful situation arising,” explains David. Instead, he recommends taking six deep breaths. It’s a great tip because The American Journal of Hypertension indicates that breath control can actually help to quell an errant stress response. Here’s a look at some other stress-relieving solutions: