How Eating More Sweet Potatoes Can Help Lower Stress Levels (& More Surprising Health Benefits!)

And no, we’re not just talking about sweet potato fries. 

With their sensationally sweet flavour, wonderfully creamy texture and brilliant versatility, it’s really no wonder that sweet potatoes have become the foodie’s latest cooking staple. Even better, the tuber actually packs quite the nutritional punch, and if you’re a sweet tooth by nature, sweet potatoes are also a great food to satisfy your sugar cravings (due to their higher levels of natural sugar).

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According to the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, just one 150 g serve of sweet potato has 112 per cent of an adult’s recommended dietary intake, helping to boost your immune system and absorb more iron from your meats. If you think that’s impressive, that same serving of sweet potato also contains 249 per cent of an adult’s daily intake of vitamin A.


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Proving they’re a win-win all round, it comes as no surprise that the health benefits of sweet potatoes are plentiful. From relieving stress to promoting healthy skin, here are six most surprising benefits of eating sweet potato:

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