3 Really Surprising Reasons That Could Be Causing You To Gain Weight

It can be hard enough to maintain a healthy diet with plenty of physical activity. If you're already putting in the effort, you may want to check into these three surprising causes of weight gain that may – unknowingly – be frustrating your attempts

3. Post-Workout Snacking Can Contribute to Weight Gain

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Regular exercise has an incredible number of benefits, from boosting energy and mood to improving blood pressure. With the advent of fitness subscriptions, working out is even more convenient and dynamic. Nonetheless, it may not be as powerful of a weight loss tool as you might think.

According to obesity researchers, physical activity (which includes all kinds of movement, not just exercise) only accounts for 10 to 30 per cent of calories burned within a day. This is a relatively small fraction, and its impact decreases when considering compensatory mechanisms.

Research shows that people tend to eat more and slow down after leaving the gym, offsetting calories burned with unconscious adjustments.

As mentioned, exercising is key to a healthy lifestyle, but without remaining conscious of food intake, all progress can be easily lost–and potentially, eclipsed. It’s only natural that after a hard workout, you may feel hungrier than usual.

Two things you can do:

• Consider stocking up on fresh groceries like fruits and vegetables–they’re often lower in calories and full of fiber, which is (unsurprisingly) filling.

• You might also consider moderate exercise, with continued movement throughout the day–this can help to combat potential ‘slow downs’ while boosting your overall metabolism.

Daily life can be hectic, stressful and chaotic. It’s easy to fall into patterns that may not be the healthiest. Simple measures like eating a healthy diet, keeping active and getting enough sleep are important to staying in shape. Nonetheless, a few minor changes may also make an impact–whether you’re willing to spend on a few home fixes or to just take a break from screen time, you could very well benefit.


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