Surprising Things To Know About Probiotics Before Taking Them

Want to get healthier in the new year? Add more probiotics to your diet. To convince you on the myriad benefits of upping your intake of probiotic-rich food or taking probiotic supplements, we have put together a handy guide on all-things probiotics, including three surprising facts you should know. 


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Fact #1: Probiotics are a supplement containing live strains of good bacteria

Every time you drink Kombucha, munch on some kimchi or down some delicious sauerkraut, you’re eating live beneficial bacteria – yes, really.

This bacteria is actually very good for you to consume. We have roughly two kilograms of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract all the time – called our gut microbiome – and this is made up of thousands of strains of both good and bad bacterial flora.

Probiotic supplements top up and support the good bacteria in your gut microbiome, in case eating fermented and gut-friendly foods (such as pickles and tempeh) and drinks (like kombucha and kefir) in your daily diet doesn’t appeal to you.

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Taking probiotic supplements can provide your gut with strains of good bacteria; with each strain assisting in different roles of our daily bodily processes and functions. These health benefits can include digestive and immune support, metabolic balance and healthy weight management, balanced cholesterol and blood sugar levels and support for healthy mood, along with many other benefits. Which brings me to my next point.