Sulli And Other Korean Stars Who We Tragically Lost To Depression

Depression has claimed yet another life in the K-pop world. Today (October 14), just four days after World Mental Health Day, South Korean singer and actress Choi Jin-ri (or Sulli as she was known) was found dead at her home in Seongnam, south of Seoul.


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The 25-year-old star, who had recently made her solo debut in July, was reportedly discovered dead on the second floor of her home by her manager, who had been unable to contact her since their phone call the previous evening.

According to the police, Sulli has been battling with severe depression. In 2016, the former f(x) member was hospitalised for a wrist injury, which led to major speculation that she had slit her wrists in an attempted suicide. The star was also a victim of cyber-bullying, which she cites as the main reason why she quit the girl group.

Sadly, Sulli isn’t the first Korean celebrity to have taken their own life after battling depression. A 2009 research paper by actress Park Jin-hee revealed that 40 per cent of Korean talents are considering or have considered suicide due to “unprotected privacy, malicious comments, unstable incomes and anxiety about the future”.

Read on to find out about the other Korean celebrities who tragically took their own lives and were revealed to be depressed:


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