The One Thing You Should Cut Out From Your Diet Completely

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle? There’s probably still one major component in your diet that’s holding you back, and we’re not just talking about sugar. We’re referring to trans fat, that sneaky cholesterol-raising devil that’s lurking in many of your favourite everyday foods.

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Widely known as the worst type of fat to consume, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday (March 6) that it is planning a ban on partially hydrogenated oils (PHO), which are a key source of artificial trans fat.

Fats and oils on sale in Singapore are currently allowed to contain up to 2 per cent of trans fat, under a limit set in 2013. This has helped to reduce Singaporeans’ average daily trans fat intake from 2.1g in 2010 to 1g last year. The new ban will also apply to packaged food, like noodles and cookies.


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