10 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health At Work So You Don’t Burn Out

10 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health At Work

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We all have those dreams of ditching the daily grind and running off on holiday while a magical bank account generates us millions.

But the experts have other news – the evidence shows that most of us are better off mentally and physically when we’re employed and that striking the right balance of work, rest and play in a supportive workplace is the best bet. But that can be easier said than done. Anyone who has endured a nightmare job will know the dread that creeps in on Sunday afternoon as you prepare for another week, the walking on eggshells around a difficult boss, or the exhausting expectation to regularly stay late.

Regardless of whether your stress is due to an insurmountable workload, an uneasy office vibe or a manager that specialises in put-downs, it’s a situation that can eat away at your confidence and self-esteem, and become demoralising.

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We all know about the huge mental and physical toll caused by ongoing stress. In the broader scheme of things, toxic environments can also lead to low productivity, unsafe conditions and costly staff turnover. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that happier workplaces are better for bosses, workers and business in general, so how do you look after your own workplace wellbeing?

Here are 10 ways: