The Secret Clues That Someone You Love Is Dangerously Depressed

Depression can show itself in many different ways: Feeling sad or blank for days at a time, being dead tired and not taking joy from favourite pastimes are classic signs.

But depression can also reveal itself in unusual ways. Especially in stressful times like these, when the world economy seems stagnant and the future is far from clear.

These are clues to watch for in the people you love – and in yourself.

If you spot these eight symptoms, approach the person gently, and talk to a professional therapist or doctor about getting a diagnosis and formulating solutions that work for you.


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Text: Ellen Whyte / Additional Reporting: Tara Barker, Sean Tan; Photo: Unsplash

Therapist Ellen Whyte lives in Malaysia. As well as face-to-face therapy, she counsels clients via email, Skype and Facetime. Occasionally she offers a free online public access agony aunt service over at her blog.

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