10 Ways To Give And Make A Difference In Someone’s Life Today

It’s usually around this time of year that the spirit of giving hits an all-time high, but it’s always a good time to help improve the life of another person, especially society’s most vulnerable ones.

And as if you needed more reason to give, here are five reasons why giving is not only beneficial for those on the receiving end, it’s incredibly good for your health too:

  • Giving can alleviate depression in both the short and long term – and people who volunteer have lower levels of depression.
  • People who volunteer are more satisfied with their lives, have a stronger will to live, have less anxiety and fewer physical symptoms caused by psychological conditions.
  • Older people who volunteer tend to live longer.
  •  Giving is good for heart! It stimulates oxytocin production which protects us from hardening of the arteries, dilates the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and may help the heart regenerate after damage.
  • People who spend more money on others are generally happier than those who spend more money on themselves. Giving is truly better than receiving!

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Here are 10 ways to give back to society and make a difference in someone’s life this festive season (and beyond):