Why Does My Vagina Smell & Other Intimate Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask

When was the last time you had a lesson in sex education? Or asked general questions about why your vagina does this, or why it looks like that? The truth is, talking about the weird and wonderful things the female body is capable of can often feel a little awkward.

But why should it? As women, we create life, produce food to feed our young and can have multiple orgasms at a time (!!!). However, inevitably, like with anything ‘good’ comes the, err, sometimes uncomfortable (more about what a normal vaginal discharge looks like later…).


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To discuss some of the less-talked-about nuances of womanhood, we called upon the expertise of a pair of sexual health doctors. Here, they answer those more intimate questions that are often only ever spoken about behind closed doors.

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Text: bauersyndication.com.au / Additional reporting: Natalya Molok