Looking For Christmas Gift Ideas For Foodie Friends? They’ll Love These Delicious Bakes

Peanut Butter and Jelly Drops
If you are thinking of something a little special as gifts this Christmas, how about baking some sweet treats for your family and friends? Baked gifts like muffins and cookies are always appreciated especially when they find out you baked them yourself. Here are 10 recipes to inspire you in the gallery below:

TIP 1: Plan your time well when it comes to baking, as some recipes require a longer time. You can also bake some gifts ahead of time, as certain bakes like biscuits and cookies can be kept fresh for a few days in a sealed jar.

TIP 2: Presentation is key. Pack your bakes in pretty plastic wrappings or in nice little jars, and decorate them with ribbons, coloured strings or little ornaments. Be sure to include a small personalised note with each to complete your special gift.

TIP 3: Always prepare and pack some extra gifts, in case you have extra guests turning up last minute or if someone brings a plus one. You can also plan some party games and give these baked gifts to the winners.

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