13 Unconventional CNY Treats To Wow Your “Bai Nian” Guests

Come Chinese New Year, your calendars will be packed with reunion dinners, family gatherings and lo hei celebrations at home and at work. Whether you are celebrating at home with the family, or indulging in opulent restaurant meals outdoors, the CNY staples of yu sheng, nian gao, pineapple tarts and more, can get a tad repetitive. Not to worry, restaurants have been pulling out all the stops to roll out their intriguing versions of these mainstays – whether it is with a local twist or creative concoctions – and the results are often imaginative and delicious.

This year, change things up with this list of unconventional offerings and make them a part of your celebratory meals. From snacks such as pineapple tarts in all sorts of flavours, to dishes that serve nian gao in unexpected ways and unique pig-themed dishes aplenty for The Year of The Pig, inject these into your gatherings for a refreshing take.


4 Ways With Nian Gao


Text: Priyanka C. Agarwal

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