Chef’s Secrets: Learn How To Make This Cabbage Noodles From Your Leftovers

Cookbook author and food writer Sylvia Tan shares her recipe's secrets and cooking tips

I don’t know about you, but I feel almost virtuous whenever I am able to use up some leftovers in my fridge. By this, I mean not just reheating the stuff and eating it, but transforming it into something different and appetising.

For example, last night’s dinner was a Korean-style stew and who could have guessed that it contained gravy that was saved from another stew, and meat, leftover and frozen from an earlier meal. I added fresh ingredients – tofu, greens, dried mushrooms and black fungus – and flavoured the dish with dollops of Korean chilli paste.

It went in a flash and no one recognised the origins of the fiery stew. Such ideas are invaluable, especially after a festive season, when leftovers fill the fridge.