Could Chocolate Be The Cure To Your Persistent Cough?

With an ever-growing list of ancient superfoods dominating health trends, it’s a familiar favourite that continually outshines them all: Chocolate.

Far from the devil in sugar it was once thought to be, chocolate in moderation has been found to improve heart health, single-child pregnancies and now, even the common cough.

A recent English study called ROCOCO compared a new cocoa-infused medicine with your regular over-the-counter syrups. The researchers saw a significant improvement in those who took the chocolate-based treatment in just two days. Twice as many patients also stopped the treatment early, compared with the over-the-counter stuff.

The science behind it sounds sweet, too.

10 Reasons Why It's OK To Give In To Your Chocolate CravingResearchers believe chocolate is so effective due to its demulcent properties. This essentially means the rich, almost sticky decadence we just can’t get enough of is better at coating the throat than syrups and can protect the nerve endings that trigger your cough.

But, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, Professor Alyn Morice, says the healing properties of chocolate could extend even further. Writing in the Daily Mail, he says cocoa may even temporarily dull the nerves themselves. “I think there is something more going on with chocolate,” he begins. “I’m sure it has a pharmacological activity, some sort of inhibitory effect on the nerve endings themselves.”

While there is still no definitive research on that particular theory, we’re more than happy to test it out, so here are some chocolate recipes (click through the gallery below) we love, and you will too!

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Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Photos: Pixabay