Delicious And Healthy Recipes For A Mother’s Day Meal She Won’t Forget

Instead of heading out for dinner or lunch this year, why not treat mum to a lovingly-made homecooked meal instead? The Singapore Heart Foundation teamed up with MasterChef Asia finalist Chef Lennard Yeong to create sumptuous and heart-healthy Mother’s Day recipes.

Eight years ago, the former engineer-turned-chef was diagnosed with a heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which causes rapid heartbeat. Thankfully, he managed to rectify it after undergoing surgery.

Nonetheless, the event propelled him to adopt a more heart-healthy lifestyle, which eventually led to the creation of these delicious Mother’s Day recipes. The four-course menu includes a light and refreshing soba dish, a chicken-centric dish, a salmon and quinoa dish and an icy dessert that’s sure to satisfy mum.

Find out what they are in the gallery below:

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