Easy Cooking Equivalents

How much raw rice is needed if you want to get three cups of cooked? How many onions make 125 g? Use our guide to take the guesswork out of portion sizes

weighing scale easy cooking equivalents

Take the guesswork out of measuring ingredients with our trusty list.


Misplaced your usual measuring spoons and cups? Try this in-a-pinch easy cooking equivalents:

AMOUNT                                              EQUIVALENT
Under 1/8 teaspoon                             A pinch or dash
1½ teaspoons                                      ½ tablespoon
3 teaspoons                                         1 tablespoon
4 tablespoons                                      ¼ cup
8 tablespoons                                      ½ cup
16 tablespoons                                    1 cup
How much raw rice do you need to get three cups of cooked rice? Answer: Only one. Take the guesswork out of these little mysteries and you’ll never undercook again.

AMOUNT                                                         MEASURE
½ stick butter                                      ¼ cup or 4 tablespoons
1 square chocolate                             25 g
1 cup heavy cream                             2 cups whipped cream

1 cup dried beans/lentils                    2¼ cups cooked
1 tablespoon fresh herbs                    1 tsp dried herbs
225 g spaghetti                                   4 cups cooked
225 g elbow macaroni                        4 cups cooked
1 cup white rice                                  3 cups cooked
1 cup brown rice                                 3 to 4 cups cooked
450 g granulated sugar                       2 cups
450 g brown sugar
(firmly packed)                                     2¼ cups
450 g icing sugar                                 4½ cups

Buying ingredients for a recipe is difficult if you don’t know how many onions make 125 g. Use this chart as a guide to how much to buy


RECIPE CALLS FOR                                          YOU NEED
250 g shredded cabbage                                ¼ small cabbage
125 g grated raw carrot                                   3 large carrots
125 g chopped onion                                      1 medium-sized onion
450 g potatoes                                                4-5 medium-sized potatoes
125 g chopped green capsicum                     1 green capsicum
125 g chopped tomatoes                                2 medium-sized tomatoes
125 g peeled banana                                       ¼ medium-sized bananas
1 cup mashed banana                                     3 medium-sized bananas
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind                         1 lemon
2 tablespoons lemon juice                              1 medium-sized lemon
4 tablespoons grated orange rind                   1 medium-sized orange
300 ml fresh orange juice                                3 medium-sized oranges
1 cup soft breadcrumbs                                  2 slices fresh bread
125 g breadcrumbs                                         3 slices bread
2 cups shredded cheese                                 225 g shredded cheese
1 cup egg whites                                             6 to 7 large eggs
1 cup chopped nuts                                        112 g shelled nuts
400 g cooked spaghetti                                  175 g dry spaghetti
400 g cooked pasta shapes                            200 g dry pasta shapes
450 g cooked couscous                                  175 g dry couscous
Compiled by Angeline Thien
Photo: Pixabay