Easy Last-Minute Christmas Cocktails To Make

Set up your own little cocktail bar, and have a supply of these delish drinks ready for your Christmas party.

But first, follow these four mixologist tips to impress your guests:

  1. Use fresh ingredients
    Always use fresh juices when you’re mixing high quality spirits – and the same goes with everything else. Seasonal garnishes include fresh lime for caipiroskas or a slice of cucumber for gin and tonic.
  2. Shake it like you mean it!
    It sounds obvious, but thorough shaking makes sure ingredients are incorporated together correctly.
  3. Measure everything
    Specific amounts are crucial in ensuring your drink isn’t too sweet or too strong. Even at home, measuring can balance everything.
  4. Choose clear ice
    Ice is a huge deal – there is nothing worse than a cube melting before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy your drink! The clearer the ice the better, plus always refill cubes for a longer-lasting, refreshing drink.

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