You Can Now Find Singaporean Hawker Food Like Nasi Lemak And Chilli Crab When You Travel

Hokkien Prawn Mee
For decades, versions of Hokkien Mee, now a common item in Chinese restaurants across the UK, Australia and United States, were the closest travelling Singaporeans could come to a taste of home. And some did not even taste close to home; achieving the authentic flavour of Singaporean food is a challenge, says foodie, TV host and Makansutra founder K.F. Seetoh.

“Many cooks who cook overseas don’t have the culinary DNA. When they cook laksa, it’s by rote, not by soul, and (they) often compromise on the ingredients because they can’t get them or can’t be bothered to include them,” he says. Plus, Singaporean dishes are not easy to replicate either. “Our food is so diverse, but at the same time, we have hawkers who spend their lives devoted to one dish. You can’t possibly replicate that format overseas,” he says.

Fast-forward to today – there are thankfully now dozens of Singaporean restaurants and food brands available around the world, so if you are travelling or staying overseas, you can still indulge in Singaporean food. We round up some places around the world where Singaporeans can find an authentic taste of home.

Text: Lydia Vasko/The Straits Times

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