25 Foods With Practically Zero Calories That Can Help You Lose Weight

What if we told you that you could lose weight by eating more food? Well, we would be exaggerating of course.

While this notion of negative calories – that is, foods that burn more energy during digestion than the amount of calories they contain – has long been disputed by health experts, there is no denying that low-calorie snacks are far more nutritious than a bag of salted chips.



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From apricots to tomatoes, these surprisingly low energy fruits and veggies contain only 14 to 60 calories per 100 g (so they are not exactly zero calories, but they might as well be!), making them the perfect snack for when you’re feeling peckish, or to use in your dishes.

Flick through the gallery below for the whole list:

Please also note that these food should not replace full meals and remember to snack in moderation.