How To Prepare Fresh Pasta At Home In 6 Steps

Nothing beats fresh pasta handmade from scratch, and it’s not as difficult as you think – we guide you through the 6 easy steps in the gallery below to make your own at home, plus try some of our tastiest pasta recipes at the end! 

For fresh pasta, you can make the pasta dough the day before, but once it is rolled and cut, it is best to cook it within four hours. Alternatively, the cut pasta can be hung to dry, then transferred to an airtight container for up to seven days. Or twist pasta into small mounds and freeze on trays, then transfer to freezer bags and freeze for up to two months. Cook from frozen.

Fresh Pasta
Prep + Cook + Standing 50 mins │ Serves 4
2½ cups (400 g) Italian “00” flour or high grade flour (see CHEF’S TIP 1) • 4 eggs (59 g each), at room temperature • Flour, extra, to dust • Fine semolina, to dust

CHEF’s TIP 1: In Italy, flour is graded 1, 0 and 00. Doppio zero flour or “00” flour is available from supermarkets and delis; it is the most refined, with a talcum powder-like texture and relatively high protein content (9.5 per cent), perfect for making pasta.

Photos: John Paul Urizar/

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