How To Put Together A Fuss-Free Dinner Party For Christmas And The Year-End

Strapped for time to prepare a feast for Christmas or year-end parties? What you need is a plan to put together easy party bites which will still impress. Use our easy dinner plan with recipes below beginning with starters, followed by mains and desserts to whip up an effortless feast. Be sure to also use these tips below when putting together your spread.

TIP 1: To ease the stress of preparing everything on the day itself, do what you can beforehand. Many sauces and ingredients can be prepped a day before the actual dining day.

TIP 2: Pair pretty plates and matching cutlery; choose a concept and stick to it. For example, you might want to have all floral designs, or go minimal with a singular colour scheme. Your guests will notice if you pair them nicely in terms of colour and design.

TIP 3: Serve lunch in the middle of the table to share or prepare them banquet style to make prep work easier than having individually plated dishes, according to Australia’s First MasterChef Julie Goodwin.

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