How To Pick The Best Durian, According To Experts

It’s durian season again! For newbies, wandering into a stall to buy the king of fruit can be a daunting task. Which variety to pick? Is that really a Mao Shan Wang durian? What to look out for when the seller opens the durian for inspection?

Almost all connoisseurs we ask say it is important to go to a reputable seller, and to keep going back if the durians are good. Housewife Shelia Lim, 54, a self-confessed durian enthusiast, says: “Customer loyalty counts for a lot. The seller will keep the good durians for you, so you know you’re paying for quality fruit.” She usually goes to Combat Durian in Balestier Road.

Businessman David Lim, 67, says: “I have been going to the same shop in Balestier Road for 15 years and have never once been disappointed.”


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Here are six expert durian-buying tips to help you choose the best of the best: