Make Comforting Tang Yuan Soup

Traditionally eaten on the last day of Chinese New Year, these jewelled dumplings in a sweet soup base have been given an all-natural twist.

Imagine this: Your spoon gliding through a crystal clear syrup flavoured with ginger and scented with the aroma of pandan leaves. Just a hint of natural sweetness hits your tongue before your mouth discovers the smooth mound of a chewy and unctuous tang yuan ball that you happily devour – one jewelled morsel at a time – without the guilt, as everything has been made using only natural ingredients, down to even the colouring of the dough.

This traditional Asian dessert has been around for centuries in Chinese culture and is often eaten on the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year to symbolise togetherness, the reunion between disparate family members and the full moon that Tang Yuan soup is often eaten under. Our version is extra special, however, as it uses absolutely no artificial ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, which lends a delectable flavour to the tang yuan balls that no shop-bought food dye can replicate.

Want to know more about how to make this dish? Watch our video:

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