6 Norwegian Salmon Dishes To Help You Achieve Beautiful Skin And Hair

Ever wondered why the Scandinavians have such flawless and luminous skin and hair? Other than genetics, their healthy diet consisting of lots of fish, seafood, berries and greens contributes to their glow. So we got Chef Geir Skeie, a renowned Norwegian chef to share some of his best salmon recipes below. Try them out!

About The Chef
Chef Geir Skeie is a Norwegian-based chef and restauranteur. He was the winner of prestigious 2009 Bocuse D’Or and 2008 Bocuse D’Or Europe, and has helmed top restaurants in Scandinavia. His latest venture is the recently launched Pink Fish, a fast casual dining concept that showcases salmon as the hero of each dish, with plans to open in many other places around the world.

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