14 Prettiest Log Cakes To Wow Your Guests This Christmas


The Mango Chendol Log Cake from House of Mu is a zesty treat with a dose of local flavour.

Christmas is never quite complete without the quintessential festive log cake. According to definitive culinary encyclopedia New Larousse Gastronomique, the Christmas Yule Log cake is a fairly recent creation (estimated to be after 1870) by “Parisian pastrycooks” that was inspired by “the real logs that used to be burnt in the hearth throughout Christmas Eve”.

These days, most log cakes no longer have the traditional “tree bark” finish and the sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity of modern pastry chefs. From cakes infused with coconut cream and black sesame cream to those with purple sweet potato sponge or a chendol pudding centre, let us take a look at the delicious flavours for 2018.

Text: Xie Huiqun / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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