7 Very Good Reasons Why All Women Should Eat More Strawberries


Not just a pretty face, strawberries get their appealing red colour from an abundance of anthocyanins, flavonoid pigments which lower the risk of a variety of diseases, including thrombosis, high blood cholesterol, chronic inflammatory disorders, several varieties of cancer, and problems associated with premature ageing, notably poor eyesight.

Not convinced? Here are 7 very good reasons why you should get more strawberries into your daily diet. And if you are also trying to encourage your children to like and eat more strawberries, click the video above to see some simple, fun ways to add strawberries to your kids’ morning toasts!

Text: BauerSyndication.com.au / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan / Photos: BauerSyndication.com.au, 123rf.com, Pixabay

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