Learn How To Make Traditional Hainanese Kueh Yi Bua For Special Occasions

Home cook Ho Soo Pong shares her traditional recipe on Hainanese Yi Bua


Madam Ho Soo Pong tweaked her recipe for yi bua over the years after attending several cooking classes. (Photo: Mark Cheong/The Straits Times)

Avid home cook Madam Ho Soo Pong started her YouTube channel to showcase a mix of original content and food videos. The 65-year-old Hainanese retiree who’s a former senior associate engineer in the technical planning department of a telecommunications company, says: “I picked up video editing from my colleague. After I retired in 2009, I attended a video-editing course. It was quite easy for me to pick up the skills because I already had some background knowledge.”

Her food videos centre on Hainanese-style home cooking and include dishes such as stir-fried pig intestines with vegetables and fried large beansprouts with vermicelli. She is excited to share her recipe for yi bua, a traditional Hainanese glutinous rice flour kueh filled with a coconut, ginger, sesame and peanut filling that has been sweetened with gula melaka.