Whip Up This Fabulous Asian-Inspired Christmas Feast For Your Family

This Honey Sasame Chicken can replace your usual salad as an Asian starter.

Who says you can only have ham and log cakes for Christmas? Whip up an Asian spread for the festivities to surprise your guests – click through the gallery below for inspiration!

TIP 1: Always find out the dietary restrictions of your guests when planning your menu. Also, find out if everyone is fine with spicy food, as many Asian dishes use lots of spices and chillies; either adjust spice levels to suit guests or prepare some non-spicy dishes for them.

TIP 2: Try to go for variety, so plan dishes from different parts of Asia – Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea – to give your spread a “wow” factor.

TIP 3: Get everyone in the mood for the dinner party by telling them you are having an Asian-inspired party, so your guests can come in Asian costumes like cheongsam, baju kurung, etc.

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