What’s KFC’s Secret To Yummy Fried Chicken? Its 11 Herbs And Spices Have Finally Been Discovered!

It’s the culinary secret that has managed to stay well-buried since the opening of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken store in 1952. But the secret herbs and spices recipe has been revealed.

Avid fried chicken fans will be thrilled to find out that this popular takeaway brand’s best-kept secret has been discovered, and recreating the famous crunchy golden batter can be done in the comfort of our own homes.

And who is the super-sleuth who solved this long-running mystery? The author of aptly titled America’s Most Wanted Recipes, Ron Douglas. After visiting different KFC stores over the course of several years, Ron and his foodie crew tried and tested countless combinations until they unlocked Colonal Sanders’ iconic recipe.

If you’re eager to put this copy-cat herb-and-spice blend to the test, all you need to do is take a trip to your local supermarket and pick up a bunch of everyday groceries. According to Ron’s book, to make a standard batch you’ll need these ingredients (click through the gallery below).

However, there are a few important elements that have been left untested in this attempt to replicate the sought-after spice. And from the type of milk used to braise the meat, to the specific oil it’s cooked in, we probably won’t discover the exact KFC recipe until we hear from The Colonel himself!

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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