10 Fearless Females Reveal What It Means To Be A Woman in 2019

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day, on March 8, by shining the spotlight on 10 inspiring game changers right here in Singapore.

This year, #BalanceforBetter is the theme, which means that it’s our job to spread the word promoting gender equality, worldwide.

Doing this means giving women a platform so they can help to empower others around them, because empowered women empower others. So we tracked down Elizabeth Tan from Heatwave Shoes who also dabbles in giving back through her charity, Sight To Sky.

We also spoke to Christina Tan of she1k, a portal that allows financially savvy women to connect with fledgling start-ups. Anthea Ong who is an Nominated Member of Parliament and social change advocate through her many enterprises from Hush Silent Tea Bar to A Good Space also shared her thoughts, alongside Marie Tang of InHerShoes who revealed how being female actually helps her reach out and empathize with others.

And last but not least, the ladies of Life Beyond Grades, who are all mothers championing a cause. Tjin Lee, Dolores Au, Charmaine Seah and Aarika Lee told us what qualities they think women possess that make them such a force to be reckoned with.


10 Fearless Females Tell Us What It Means To Be A Woman?


So, what traits do women possess that allow us to impact the world? We asked and they shared with us a collection of inspirational musings and sentiments about what it means to be women in this day and age:

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