Blast From The Past! We Tracked Down People From The Weekly’s Archives

To mark our 22nd birthday, we wandered through our archives and tracked down some of the people who have appeared on our pages through the years…

Find out what Nurul Aini, Charlyn Ding and Pamela Oei have been up to since being featured in The Weekly.

Talking a walk down memory lane is always a fun pastime for us here at The Weekly. Every look back is an opportunity to see how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learnt and how much more we still have to grow to become the kind of publication that serves you, our readers, best.


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This time for our 22nd anniversary, we reached out to those who have graced our pages in the past and got them to update us on how they’ve progressed since they first landed in the print version of our magazine. Read what they had to say here and marvel at their transformation from then to now:

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