3 Mumpreneurs Share How Their Kids Inspired Their Business

These go-getting mums share where they got their creative inspirations from to start their own businesses - their children!

May Wan, in her 30s


3 Mums Whose Business Was Inspired By Their Children (2)

May Wan, mum-of-two, former model, actress and veejay, set up Seraphina’s, which customises cakes for all occasions.


“My twin Choy has always been an avid baker, so I always had an appreciation for cakes. We spent a large part of our childhood watching baking shows and trying out different cake recipes. Three years ago, my sister-in-law  wanted to buy a ruffles and rose cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. She showed me photos, and I was so blown away by the intricate details I offered to make one for her. For weeks I trawled the web for cake decorating tutorials. When I finally presented my rose cake at my mother-in-law’s party, everyone was impressed. It sparked off a whole new personal pursuit.”


“Whenever I need an opinion about a cake flavour or decoration, I ask my five- and three-year-old daughters Leala and Siena: ‘Is it sweet enough?’, ‘Does it need more lemon juice?’ They are very honest with me, so I can count on them. Leala also has this dream of flying business class, so that motivates me to make Seraphina’s successful, so I can someday afford the air tickets.”


“I’m currently a one-woman show. I do everything from the baking and cake decorating to the washing up and deliveries. Because I’m such a micro manager, I find it hard to trust people to do a job for me. Choy is a great baker, yet whenever she helps me, I end up nagging at her from the back. I even insist on personally delivering the cake right up to my customer’s table if I can, just to make sure it survives the turns, humps and sudden jerks along the drive.”


“Seraphina’s became more fully operative this February, after I moved out of my home kitchen, into a central kitchen. I had to separate my work from my home because the increasing demand for cakes was taking away my bonding time with my girls, on the weekends. With a central kitchen and professional equipment, I’m also way more efficient. I work at the central kitchen while the girls are at school. Then I  take the cakes home and do the buttercream decoration at night, when they’re asleep.”


“My husband is my biggest supporter. We don’t have a helper so it can get quite nutty at times. On busy days, he’ll drive me around to make deliveries or he’ll look after our children when I’m busy meeting orders – not a single complaint. And I’m grateful my parents, twin sister and in-laws are always a call away if I need help with the washing or the kids. Having a network like this is really important to me.”

To see May’s amazing cake creations, visit her blog, or get in touch with her here