8 Ways To Overcome Obstacles And Achieve Your Goals

Various obstacles will always crop up in life and act as hurdles to you moving forward. Some people can navigate these problems with ease, while others may need a little bit more help. For those that need guidance, fret not!

Three inspiring women shared their stories with us at our inaugural Great Women Of Our Time 2016 Forum last Saturday and detailed how they refused to let their personal setbacks deter them from becoming the strong, independent women they are today. They are (from L-R):

PHOTOS: Great Women Of Our Time 2016 Forum

(Photo: Alexander Ow, SPHM)

Chrissy Goh-Tasker
Founder and CEO of JLC Enterprises
Great Women Of Our Time 2016, Health, Sports & Wellness Nominee

Nanz Chong-Como
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Speaker
Overall Winner Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2000

Fion Phua
Founder of Keeping Hope Alive
Great Women Of Our Time 2016, Education & Public Service Nominee

And here were their best tips on how to tackle the challenges put in your path head on:

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