9 Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance In 2019

Juggling the many demands of work and family life isn’t an easy feat. And you still need to take time off for yourself! We ask three high-profile go-getters how they manage work-life balance in between their demanding schedules and why it is so important to them.

Meet the women below:

Co-founder and CEO, A DrBrand

Passionate, fun, sporty and hardworking, Patsy  loves a good laugh as much as the next person, but is dead serious when it comes to work. The keynote to her success has been her ability to remain positive even when faced with failure. “There are good days and bad days.  To me, good days give happiness, but bad days give experience,” she says. 

Global President, Kipling

Germany-born Vera’s climb up the corporate ladder is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her new role at the helm of the popular ‘90s accessories brand comes on the trail of 18 years in Asia’s beauty industry. Vera attributes this 180 degree switch to her open and curious mind, and tenaciousness. She lives by the motto “Who does not try, cannot win”.

Founder and CEO of JeweLuxe International

“I am a dreamer. I keep my dreams alive by staying purposeful at all times” – Angela’s description of herself summaries her in a nutshell. The creator of Singapore’s prominent luxury jewellery exhibition for 14 years and counting is all about precision and strategy. She loves her job and that she gets to meet people from all walks of life, but knows when to cut back and steal precious moments for herself to regroup.  


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