“After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died “

How June found healing after the pain, loneliness and guilt from her abortion, and is helping others through The Buttons Project Singapore

"After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died "

When June Bai, who 30, had an abortion in her early 20s, suffered from the guilt and shame of it for years. Now, she wants to help others in her shoes.

Seven or eight years ago, June’s former boyfriend suggested an abortion. She had found out that she was about two months pregnant. She “went along” with it.

She told The Straits Times: “I saw a lot of fear in his eyes. If I kept the child, will I lose him and end up as a single mum? That’s really scary. I don’t think I can raise a child alone. I thought: ‘What will others and my family think of me?’ ”

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She said they split up shortly after that; the relationship collapsing under the weight of their decision to terminate the pregnancy. She was also racked with guilt and shame and felt she could not tell anyone what she had done.