“After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died “

How June found healing after the pain, loneliness and guilt from her abortion, and is helping others through The Buttons Project Singapore

“I Took A Life Away”

June, who is single, also felt she had no right to grieve as she was the one who made the choice to end the pregnancy. So she threw herself into her job in the finance industry – her way of “escaping” the pain.

But every single night for 1½ years, she cried herself to sleep.

“I felt (like) something inside me died. I felt brokenness and hopelessness,” she said. “I’m supposed to protect my weak and defenceless child, but I took a life away.”

For a long time, she could not hear the word “abortion” without feeling a sharp pain inside. Once, she signed up to donate blood, but when she was filling up the form, there was a question that asked if she was pregnant. She could not continue with the form, nor the blood donation. It was that incredibly hard to face up to her abortion, she said.