“After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died “

How June found healing after the pain, loneliness and guilt from her abortion, and is helping others through The Buttons Project Singapore

"After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died "

Finding Closure After Her Pain

Over time, June, a Christian, found emotional healing through her faith. But what really helped was attending Rachel’s Vineyard, a Catholic-based programme which address the emotional and psychological pain from an abortion run by the Family Life Society, a charity.

Two years ago, she was travelling in New Zealand when she came across a couple who was collecting buttons sent by those affected by an abortion – the women, the men and even other family members. The buttons served as a memorial to the aborted babies.

She said: “There is no tangible way to remember the (aborted) babies and to grieve. Often, there is no closure. So I thought if we have this project here, people can see all the buttons and know they are not alone.”