“After My Abortion, I Felt Like Something Inside Me Died “

How June found healing after the pain, loneliness and guilt from her abortion, and is helping others through The Buttons Project Singapore

“Not Alone”

In June, she started Buttons Project Singapore at www.buttonsproject.org.sg. So far, five people have sent her buttons, including one from a married woman who has three children. The woman’s marriage was rocky and she felt she could not cope with another child.

June and a group of women who have had abortions also started a support group on Sunday (Nov 12) to offer their friendship and support to women struggling to come to terms with their abortion. Although the women are not professional counsellors, June believes that coming together helps others cope with what they are going through.

Ms Jennifer Heng, who counsels pregnant women in need of support, said June’s support group is the first of its kind here.

June said: “I realised it gives people hope and strength when they realise they are not alone. I want to share that there is hope and healing after an abortion.”

Text: Theresa Tan, The Straits Times. Photo: Benjamin Seetor