An Expert Shares The Best Way To Dress For An Interview

It’s a fact. You can be the most talented, the most able and the best-suited person for a role, but if you aren’t dressed in an ‘acceptable’ manner, you run the risk of not getting the job offer.

Surely this is unfair? Perhaps. But in 15 years of recruitment I have seen employers overlook the best person for the role because they weren’t the best ‘fit’. To appreciate this situation, you need to understand where an employer is coming from:

– They’re under pressure to make an assessment about you and your suitability for their role.
-They’ve only got a short amount of time to do this (i.e. the interview).
– Often – they’re under a huge workload and/or have minimal experience or capability with assessing people.
– The reality is – they just want their recruitment pain to go away and for the role to be filled!

So, when an employer is having to hire under these conditions, how you are dressed becomes crucial. What you wear will be used by this employer to decide if you get the job.

Or not.

Here’s my no-fail guide to dressing for an interview irrespective of the role:

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