Andrea De Cruz To Her Younger Self: “You Are The Author Of Your Own Life”

If you had the opportunity to write to your younger self, what would you say? Six celebrities share heartfelt, honest notes to their younger selves, filled with advice, anecdotes and observations of how they’ve learnt, changed and grown over the years. Welcome to their letters!

This letter is from Andrea de Cruz, who was our January 2003 and February 2008 cover girl.

To my younger BoBo,

The future is coming no matter how much you fear it’s uncertainty, but do not waste today trying to figure out what tomorrow will bring.

You are the author of your own life – you have authority over it.

Whether you fail or not, it will all become valuable experience. So be fearless.

Live your life one day at time and enjoy every moment learning from the good and bad experiences you will encounter.

How you approach every situation in life will make all the difference – your attitude will either make you or break you.

So, get out of bed every morning with a happy and thankful heart, always help the less fortunate because you know you can, treasure the time with your love ones, and always have faith – it will energise you and keep you strong!


Andrea was featured for our 20th Anniversary special in the October 2017 issue. Here’s how to recreate her look worn in ‘Glam Squad’, which featured our favourite cover girls over the last two decades: