Are You Letting Your SkillsFuture Credits Go To Waste? Here Are Some Clever Ways To Use Them

The SkillsFuture initiative is a key feature of the government’s attempt to make lifelong upgrading a thing amongst Singaporeans.

Under the scheme, all citizens aged 25 and above have been given $500 worth of SkillsFuture credits. This credit can be spent on SkillsFuture-approved education and training courses.

The range of courses on offer is very wide, and there’s also a huge variety of course providers, from educational institutions like local universities, polytechnics, and ITEs to online course providers like Udemy.

You may be thinking yay, free money to upgrade myself! But the reality is that many have no idea how it can actually be used.

According to the stats, only about 12 per cent of all Singaporeans only have used their SkillsFuture Credit over the last 2 years, since the scheme started in Jan 2016.

If you still have credit left in your account, here are some interesting courses that caught our eye that you can sign up to upskill yourself because remember it’s up to you to ensure you’re employable should anything untoward happen at your current workplace:

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Text: Joanne Poh, MoneySmart / Additional reporting: Natalya Molok