Meet 5 Inspiring Women You Didn’t Know Are Beauty Pageant Queens

Not every beauty pageant is as famous as Miss Universe but that doesn’t make the competition any less stellar. Here are are some women who have won titles that you’ve not heard of (yet).

When we think of beauty pageants, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the Miss Universe or Miss World competitions. Perhaps you might even think about this iconic Miss Universe Singapore costume:

5 Women You Didn’t Know Were Beauty Pageant Queens

Photo: Alphonsus Chern/TNP

However, did you know that there are actually many different kinds of beauty pageants happening at different times throughout the year? In fact, they exist for young women, older women, and married women!

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One of the companies which specialises in organising these events is Lumiere International. Lumiere was established in 2002 as a beauty company, but as its founder and managing director Justina Quek started getting more and more involved in the planning of beauty pageants, she decided to focus solely on them in 2013. By hosting these international pageants, Lumiere hopes to promote Singapore tourism and culture to the rest of the world.

Since then, Lumiere has managed and been involved in pageants such as Miss Singapore Global Universe, Miss Singapore Worldwide, Mrs Global Universe, Mrs Asia Pacific and more.

This year, Lumiere will also be organising Miss Singapore Lumiere International World 2019. At this event, to be held on June 23, 2019, four women will be selected to represent Singapore in international competitions.They will also be inviting 20 to 25 women to Singapore to participate in the Miss Global Universe pageant, which will be held on the same evening.

Besides these, Lumiere will also be organising the Mrs Worldwide and Mrs Singapore Worldwide pageants in October.

Just as there may be pageants you may not be aware of, there’s a host of amazing women whom you may not have heard of. To celebrate the upcoming Miss Global Universe contest, here are five inspiring beauty pageant queens and their awesome achievements.