She Broke Free From An Abusive Marriage And Now Helps Others To Do The Same

To celebrate two decades of empowerment and our 20th Anniversary, The Weekly in partnership with PANDORA, zooms in on 20 fierce, focused and forward-looking women who and inspiring and encouraging others to reach their full potential. Welcome to 2020 Vision!

The Fighter: Kim Underhill, 53, President of Daughters Of Tomorrow

When Kim left her abusive relationship with her two kids in tow, she was left without a home, without a purpose and without any direction.

“It was the lowest point in my life. I went from leading an expat life in Malaysia because my husband was a foreigner, to coming back to Singapore with nothing,” she remembers. “The first few months was very tough, especially for the children, whom I had to move into a little one-bedroom flat.”

For the sake of her little ones, Kim ploughed through her difficulties and started from scratch to succeed in the corporate world.

In her role as President of Daughters of Tomorrow, she hopes to help empower other underprivileged women by providing them with livelihood opportunities. “I also coach the women in a module called ‘Confidence Curriculum’ to help them gain a positive mindset as most of them don’t realise the power they have,” says Kim.

Because of what she went through, Kim focuses a lot on building women up so that they can speak up to assert themselves.

“We need to have a voice so that we can help to guide other women on the right path. Women have a tendency to not fight for what they want but I believe you have to step in, in order to step up,” she advises.

“This year, I’m starting a platform called ‘One Woman a Day’ because I’m in a position to help now and I want to create a safe space for women to tackle domestic issues.”

It’s wonderful being a woman because… you can be a wife, mother and daughter, as well as the CEO of an organisation.

Kim took part in a photoshoot with us to showcase some of PANDORA’s latest offerings. Scroll through the gallery below to see what she’s wearing:

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