Calling All Ambitious Women: THIS Is How To Get That Promotion You’ve Been Eyeing

When it comes to getting promoted, women often lag behind men and according to experts its because female employees often aren’t direct enough when it comes to asking for what they really want.

There are many reasons why you aren’t getting the leg up that you need in your career and our Great Women of Our Time alumni have seen it all, from productivity issues to not being a team player.

If you’ve really got you heart set on climbing the career ladder at your current company, however, heed the advice of our nominees who have faced adversity and beyond but still emerged better off in the end. They join an illustrious list of women who have been nominated previously, including a marine biologist, a media savant and a material scientist.

Calling All Ambitious Women: THIS Is How To Get That Promotion You've Been Eyeing

(From left: Dr Eliza Fong, Dr Sherry Aw and Lynette Tan)

Every year as part of the Great Women of Our Time awards, which throws the spotlight on 18 outstanding, high-achieving working women every year in six respective categories, we ask our nominees to share their life stories with us in a bid to inspire others. Here’s what our Science & Technology nominees had to share with us:

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