Career Moves To Make When You’re Unhappy With Your Job

Those days when people’s main criteria for their career were stability and decent pay are long gone. These days, millennials are searching for fulfilment, self-actualisation, peace and love, rainbows and unicorns in their careers.

Whether you think this is realistic or that these delusional people need a slap in the face, the fact is that many Singaporeans are job hopping due to dissatisfaction with their current jobs.

For people like the bankers who quit to set up cafes, the lawyers who leave to work in theatre or the secretaries who go back to school so they can become accountants, changing jobs or even careers is necessary to bring themselves more in line with their desired field of work.

But for those who are on the right track career-wise but just feel super unhappy at work every day, quitting and starting from square one in a new industry may not be the answer.

If you’re generally happy with what you do for a living but just don’t like your job in that particular company, here are three career moves you might want to consider.

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