Celebrities Like Jessie J And Kit Chan Who Joined Reality Singing Competitions

British Singer Jessie J recently made headlines when a video of her cover of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing and her own song, Domino went viral. 

You’re probably wondering why the singer made headlines, especially since singers always cover songs anyway but, as it turns out, Jessie has been competing (yep!) in a Chinese singing competition called, The Singer and has been wowing audiences everywhere. 

Jessie recently posted a video of herself singing her hit song on the first episode of the show and it was very well received. 

On the second episode, she sang Whitney’s famous song and left everyone in the audience in awe of her vocal prowess. 

For the uninitiated, The Singer is a competition where veteran singers go up against each other for a shot at winning. Together with Jessie in this year’s season is Chinese singer, Wang Feng, Taiwainese pop star, Angela Chang and singer Sam Lee. 

Read on to find out about other popular music artists who’ve competed in singing competitions below: