“We Can Be Our #NoFilter Selves With Each Other” Jade Seah & Jaime Teo On Their Low-Maintenance Friendship

Celebrity best friends Jade and Jaime spill on their first encounter, what they bond over and how they maintain an "easy friendship"

TV personality Jade Seah, 35, and FLY Entertainment artiste Jaime Teo, 41, have known each other for over a decade, but it was only in the last few years that the pair can call themselves best buds. Recently, the duo have been travelling together as part of a Singtel travel video series called “Ready, Set, Roam”, which sees them jet-setting to various South East Asian countries like Cambodia and Thailand.

We find out what makes their friendship tick and how they inspire each other:

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How did you meet? Did you hit it off immediately?

Jaime: We first met in 2006 when I was a guest on the variety show Sweets For My Sweet which Jade was co-hosting with Michelle Chong. But we didn’t really hang out until a decade later in 2016!

Jade: I can’t say we hit if off immediately… although we didn’t not hit it off. Like I could tell we were the kind who could potentially be on the same wavelength (maybe it’s because we were both convent school girls – she’s from St. Anthony’s and I was from Katong Convent). I actually can’t remember how we started hanging out. It was quite organic.

How would you describe your friendship?

Jade: Mother-daughter! (laughs) She feeds me vitamins, nags me about getting more rest or complains about how my things are all over the place. Seriously though, I would say our friendship is very real, which is hard to find in this industry. Both of us are very direct; we say things as they are, with no need to sugar-coat or embellish. We’re both really comfortable in our own skins, so we can be our 100 per cent #nofilter selves with each other. There is no pretense or having to hide certain aspects of our character, even the not-so-attractive bits of us like my temper and her whining.

Jaime: It’s an easy friendship, low maintenance. We always hit it off when we meet up but we don’t need to be frequently texting each other to stay in touch. When you get to adulthood, it’s nice to find a friendship like that.

Jade: She’s very low maintenance because she likes to stay at home! (both laugh) People seem to think we are quite alike, when in fact we are very different. While we’re both adventurous and quite curious cats, she likes staying in and follows quite a routine lifestyle whereas I love going out, meeting people and love when life is unpredictable and unplanned. 

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“We can be our 100 per cent #nofilter selves with each other.” – Jade

As busy individuals, how often do you meet up and what do you bond over?

Jade: It’s really about making time, isn’t it? It helps that we’re the sort of friends who don’t have to meet up all the time – we quite easily pick up where we left off when we meet. I guess we bond over real stuff, like our relationships, work and challenges.

Jaime: She has a crazy amount of energy to burn so if I want to try something new or do something sporty, she’s the first person I think of because she’s always up for it (when her schedule permits). And she doesn’t need to sleep –

Jade: Whereas Jaime needs to sleep for like eight to nine hours.

Jaime: Yes I get very cranky if I don’t get enough sleep. But I’m a lot better now okay, I just need seven to eight hours. (both laugh)  But Jade can sleep three, four hours a night for an extended period of time and I can’t. 

Jade: Sometimes we try new workouts or sports together, like badminton. Although we’re quite bad at it. 

Jaime (pointedly): Well, one person plays very badly. 

Jade: She thinks her badminton is very good but it’s not much better than mine. We only picked this up in the last few years, so let’s not pretend that we’re better than we are at the sport. Oh, we also bond over throwing shade at each other a lot!