Sheila Sim To Her Younger Self: “Life Has A Way Of Panning Out Unexpectedly”

If you had the opportunity to write to your younger self, what would you say? Six celebrities share heartfelt, honest notes to their younger selves, filled with advice, anecdotes and observations of how they’ve learnt, changed and grown over the years. Welcome to their letters!

This letter is from Sheila Sim, who was our August 2016 cover girl.

Dear Sheila: Celebrities Pen Letters To Their Younger Selves

Hey babe,

Once upon a time, you believed in beautiful quotes about life and love. But as the years went by, the toll of relationships that didn’t work out, has taken a hit at your faith in love.

Sometimes, you think to yourself, ‘they’re all rubbish and lies!’ But you’re a confident, independent woman, starting to come into your own in this decade.

You’ve learnt that you don’t need to rely on a man in your life to be happy. You celebrate singlehood, and you’ve bought your own place – congrats on reaching this big milestone!

You’ve been working towards this for a long time…a home that you can call your very own. Now sit tight because this is just the beginning of many exciting changes to come.

Life has a way of panning out unexpectedly. You may not be looking to settle down, but keep an open mind and you just might meet that special someone who will turn those romantic quotes into reality for you.

Keep the faith because one day soon, the stars will align.

X Sheila

Sheila was featured for our 20th Anniversary special in the October 2017 issue. Here’s how to recreate her look worn in ‘Glam Squad’, which featured our favourite cover girls over the last two decades: